Too many tears and not enough roses

Claudia got the first kiss, but not the final rose.

The episode opens up with a forlorn Zac standing on a hill and looking at the ocean, rambling on about tough decisions and girls and I’ve heard this all before. 

I wish all guys struggled dating multiple girls as much as Zac does. Life would be so much simpler.

Lily is first up for the fantasy date/over night stay. Remember last year when Jordan slept with Naz and then ditched her? Let’s hope Zac has learnt from this.

“I imagine there’s like lots of rose petals and a raunchy spa scene or something,” said Lily.

But it’s horses… It could be romantic, but as Zac reveals he has never ridden a horse before it’s probably more embarrassing.  The horse would not be giving Zac a rose.

Lily then gets her “first bachelor blanket set up,” and I wonder what would happen if it started raining.

Zac said that he and Lily “could be amazing and quite possibly be the best thing I’ve ever experienced or it could blow in both of our faces and leave us with nothing”. Extreme.

He then tells Lily he doesn’t know how he feels about her, you can see her deflate and it’s heartbreaking to see. He tries to make it better, but she’s impatient and so am I.

They are offered the chance to spend the night together, and Lily wears her discomfort on her face.

“You can have all of this, if it’s just me,” said Lily, and it’s actually really hard to see Lily get emotional over this.

Zac keeps debating whether he should take a gamble on Lily, and whether she would be worth the risk, because they could be the best thing ever.

If he picks Viarni or Claudia, will he spend the rest of his life wondering about Lily?

It’s time for Viarni’s fantasy date and they get to go an a boat, I think it’s a yacht but I’m no sailor so this isn’t guaranteed.

It’s a sweet date, and they drink wine between grape vines. They don’t have the intensity of him and Lily, it’s a different, a kind of more comfortable relaxed happiness.

Zac said he can easily see a life with Viarni, but he is worried people will think it’s because she’s the safer option. That’s literally what I was thinking, so yeah he should be worried.

Viarni chooses to follow her heart and her gut, so she denies the chance to stay the night.

Claudia arrives at the vineyard, and Zac takes her in a helicopter. She makes it pretty clear from the start she will be spending the night.

Zac thinks it is too good to be true, and is suspicious he’s missing something.

They get a private chef for the night, which is quite a romantic idea I guess. I always get worried when other people cook my dinner because I’m fussy and get scared they’ll put in something gross like cheese or hair.

“One of my mates used to baby sit you,” Zac tells Claudia, and it’s quite awkward.

I wonder if Zac feels a bit like a baby sitter?

She said that she will stay the night and see how it goes, but Zac tells her he’s not comfortable putting her in that position.  It’s sweet of him to let her down slowly. 

It’s the rose ceremony, which would have me full of butterflies, but we know Claudia’s going home so it feels like a bit of a waste.

Claudia is sobbing, Zac is struggling to hold back his tears, and even I’m watering a little.

“It’s not about who I can live with, it’s about who I can’t live without,” said Zac. 

Also, I read an article about Zac’s dog Chief. If I knew about this dog, I would have applied. It’s so fluffy.