Rice, roses, and rapids

Karina, whose past with Dom has the girls riled up.


One of the girls is Dom’s ex, one doesn’t eat rice, and another goes home without a rose.

The group is only three girls today, Karina, Viarni and Ally. They are more nervous about being on the group date, therefore susceptible to the GDC, than the white water rafting.

Zac looks very snazzy in his pink shorts.

Viarni is fearless as she rips down the rapids, as Zac picks her as the solo date. How gnarly.

Zac tells Viarni “I like you”. He’s like a shy school boy talking to his crush for the first time.

They kiss on a rock, and he pulls a rose out of the rapids.

There’s a really cute dog in one shot that Viarni talks to and I want to know more. Whose is it? What’s its name?

Molly wins the single date, and all the other girls are generally stoked.

“Mol is in the game.”

The date is rice planting… which involves terrible blue overalls and is hindered by the fact Molly doesn’t eat rice.

Zac takes the only person who doesn’t eat rice, rice planting. I thoroughly appreciate good rice, and even I wouldn’t want to plant it.

Molly ruins her $10 heels, and I want to know, where I can get $10 heels?

They then eat seafood for dinner, the last time Molly had seafood was fish fingers when she was six… Zac’s hammer is really missing the nail here. Multiple times.

They play Jenga questionnaire and I feel like this should be patented.

SCANDAL. Turns out Karina and Dom have a past, like romantic past.

It’s juicy, it’s scandalous, but still doesn’t qualify her for slut status like some of the girls say. It’s 2017, and people will date more than one guy in their lifetime…

Rosie and Ally confront Karina about it, and it was never going to end well.

Karina tries to brush it off, Rosie gets mad, and Ally sits there very calmly. I think she’s meditating.

Bel reveals there is a cat at the mansion called snoop lion, then talks about cats and not a lot else. I can relate.

Karina pulls Zac away from the cocktail party to tell him about her and Dom’s past.

You can see Zac sweating as she tells him, but he says it’s fine. It turns out Dom already knew. I wonder if Zac can actually even be upset about anything, as he gives her a rose?

The group date curse is broken, and so is everyone’s heart, as Molly gets sent home.

Molly brings the lolz for the bachelorette house and tears are shed, by the other girls, not Molly.

She walks out strong.

“Zac taught me that you do need to open up once in awhile, which is unfortunate.”