Bachelor NZ; The ultimate would you rather

Rosie, who manages to make clumsy look classy.

Going into this episode I have a theory. Every time a mean girl rises, Zac sends her home, killing the producers, who thrive off the mean-girl drama. How do we solve this they said? Bring in three new girls…

Zac takes Rosie on a hiking date, to see if she’s the sporty type. She’s not. He then continues to ask about the dangerous snakes on this trial… He keeps pushing her to do adventurous things, you just know she’d rather be at home right now.

Rosie has her walls up, Zac wonders why. I can think of at least 12 reasons.

The group date curse rears its ugly head, Vanessa thinks it’s a load of bollocks, she’ll see..

It’s another cooking challenge, where they make Zac’s favourite Thai food.  Because we all know a future wife must know how to cook his favourite meal. *shakes head*

There are pink eggs, they look like they’ll taste like candy so Zac, Lily, and Claudia eat them and they taste like feet. It turns out they are eggs that had been soaked in horse pee for days. Is any guy worth that? God no.

Claudia wins a green curry contest for the group date but doesn’t get a rose and the GDC haunts her.

The cocktail party arrives, a private chat with Rosie, gets rose-y. Sarah had a fortune cookie that said a man with brown eyes has a surprise for her, Zac seems to find this “sign” very important…

Would you rather be the author of Twilight, or every Nickelback song ever written? Zac asks Lily.

“Is killing yourself an option,” she says.

Lily tells Zac her favourite part of him is his hands because “he has them.” Which indeed, he does.

She also picks Jurassic park over Zombie Land, everyone know dinosaurs are cooler than zombies so she gets a rose.

Nina is sent home. There are a lot of tears, and even more awkwardness when she tells Zac she feels he didn’t give her a chance.

And wouldn’t you know it, she was on the group date.

What was bollocks again Vanessa?