The Exhibitor

Fieldays exhibitor is created by Wintec students and distributed to exhibitors at Fieldays.

The Exhibitor has been published since 2004 and has been recognised by the NZ National Fieldays Society for its Outstanding Contribution to the Success of Fieldays.

If you would like to contact the team at the Exhibitor with feedback, story suggestions, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please email Georgie Gaddum.



Anne Beston, Georgie Gaddum, Geoff Ridder, Charles Riddle, Jeremy Smith, Richard Walker, Stef Young, On-line editor: Harkanwal Hothi

Special thanks to Chris Lord


Kirstin Beale;  Jonathan Carson;  Emma Edwards; Ethan Donnell;  Hamish Forsman;  Annie French; Kim Fulton; Marnie Hallahan; Daniel Holland; Harkanwal Hothi; Jason Howells;  James Ireland; Kasia Jillings; Rhiann Keightley; Libby Kissick; Mel Martin; Kirsty McMurray; Sue Russell; Rebecca Smith; Nicola Stewart; Briar Stobie; Tarere Thatcher; Rachel Thomas; Monica Tischler; Kashka Tunstall and Vicky Way.


Catherine Bourke, Stephanie Numan, Larissa Maggs, Hayley Archer


Katie Anderson; Claudia Aalderink; Shaz Brikmanis; Sophia Hansen; Briar Hill; Tony Duke; Jenna Jamieson; Jo Marshall; Heather Meyrick;  Janelle O’Conner; Gabrielle Oliver; Jennifer Robinson; Erin Strong; Emma Wilson; Danni Winmill and Christel Yardley.


We would like to thank our sponsors, Gallagher Group, Print House Ltd, and Modcom Portable Buildings Ltd for their valuable support.