‘Tis the season to be on a budget

Ready for Christmas, from left, Jessica Miller, Harry Green and Danielle Tomlins. Photo: Meghan Batey

The number one rule to being a student is to know how to manage money.

While the festive season is approaching it can be an expensive time of year for many.

It can also make Christmas difficult when you are on a tight budget.

Three full-time students at Wintec know all too well how stressful budgeting can be.

Danielle Tomlins, a nursing student from Auckland, said being on a budget would affect her Christmas spend – and also what she would look for in gifts given to her.

“It would make me more wary of what other people are spending on me and what I am spending on them, but the thought counts,” she said.

“I like receiving useful things, I am quite grateful for practical things, being able to use a voucher, or sentimental things.”

“The birth of Jesus is what we celebrate,” said Jessica Miller, a teaching student from Tauranga.

“I think you don’t have to have a price on a gift; it’s the act of giving, not the price, which shows someone you care.”

Many students will not be studying over the holidays but are likely to be looking for summer jobs and are mindful of their budgets for their year ahead.

“I start early and look throughout the year,” said Harry Green, an engineering student from Whakatane.

He is working part-time over Christmas at a fishing club as he is saving up to buy gifts for his family.

Luckily for students of today, there are websites dedicated to being thrifty and creative at gift giving occasions.