Student doubles as Disney princess

Kelsey’s favourite character to play is Anna from Frozen as they share similar personalities.
Photo: Supplied

For many students, balancing study, work and social life can be a struggle.

However, Hamilton student Kelsey Becht, 24, is in her final semester studying Theatre and English, working other jobs, and even managing to run her own business.

Enchanted Entertainment is a children’s party company that started out as an idea of Kelsey’s while she was working as a nanny in England.

Kelsey saw that the princess party concept was celebrated more overseas, as opposed to in New Zealand, and wanted to make it more present in Kiwi culture.

Her job involves attending various children’s parties across New Zealand, dressed in costume, providing fun games and activities for the young guests.

Running a business that involves dressing up in character costumes for a living does, however, come with obstacles and challenges.

“I had to learn to trust my own judgements instead of running to others to make decisions for me.” Kelsey said.

“Everything from choosing the perfect wig to setting prices seems daunting, but I had to learn to trust what I knew was right.”

Despite this, Kelsey said the end results make it all worthwhile.

“It is all worth it when you receive a hug from an ecstatic birthday girl whose wish has just come true.”