Life after graduation


Grant Docherty on graduation day. Photo: Hollie Blanchard


Grant Docherty is eying up a musical future, having graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts in Commercial Music earlier this year.

He’s honing his craft every day, while also working full-time as a filing clerk at Waikato Hospital.

Grant admits that finding time while working can be hard, but believes it’s crucial to stay focused and goal-oriented.

“It has been very difficult working on my own projects when I spend so much of my day working full-time,” said Grant, who hopes to work in a recording studio in the future, either in New Zealand or overseas.

“I intend to work more on my music, create my first album, work on creating an audience, and maybe play live at some point,” said Grant, who enjoys all music genres, and is currently developing his guitar, saxophone, and slide trombone-playing skills.

“The feeling that you have an expensive education behind you,” said Grant. “It helps get you on the journey to what you want to do.”

Moving out of home has provided Grant with the independence he didn’t have before, and although he is looking toward what the future holds, he hopes he will be able to retain older relationships.

“I’m still the same person, but with a lot more knowledge in one specific thing.”