Maadi Cup volunteer: ‘it’s really nice to actually give back’

Making programme and day sheets for the crowd and the wide range of volunteers at the
regatta is just one of the roles for volunteer Margaret Thomas. Photo: Cory Brown

Bad weather arrived with day three of the Aon 2017 Maadi Cup after a picture perfect setting on Tuesday, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of competitors and volunteers at Lake Karapiro.

Margaret Thomas, who has been a volunteer at the regatta for 10 years, was one of those who stayed cheerful.

Her volunteer team prints out information sheets for the officials before every event day, which means either a late start or an early finish.

“We do all of the programmes and the day sheets [for the regatta], all of the photocopying,” Thomas said.

“We usually do that either last thing at night at about eight or nine o’clock or at five o’clock in the morning.”

The impressive list included volunteer umpires, marshals, boat weighing, judges, and commentators.

Her team also deals with crew substitutions, removals, protests, and general queries.

“Usually queries about what [crews] can and can’t do, like if they’ve got boat clashes.

“We had one yesterday where they had one boat between four crews, and then had two crews at the quarter finals 40 minutes apart which is too close to swap the boat over.

“We get everything.”

With a picturesque view outside, and with the day’s fog and rain failing to dampen the cheers and smiles of those who come along, Margaret thinks there’s not much like volunteering.

“It’s really nice to actually give back.”