Illicit Clothing to support daughters of soldier killed in Afghanistan

Streetwear label owner Steve Illicit, of Illicit Clothing Co., has designed shirts to raise funds for dependants of New Zealand soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

One of the new designs by Illicit Clothing. Photo supplied.
One of the new designs by Illicit Clothing. Photo supplied.

Keira’s mother, Sarah Erb of Hamilton, is excited about the new shirts and appreciative of the hard work by Illicit and his team. “He’s done a good job, he’s been fully involved from day one.”

The New Zealand designer became involved with the project in 2012, when approached by Tamatea’s army friends.

This is the second round of designs of army and navy-style men’s and women’s shirts and jerseys.

Profits from the sales will be split between the Fallen Heroes Trust, which aims to financially support those who have lost a loved one or have a loved one seriously injured while on duty, and the Gruntlife Trust.

Illicit said sales from the first round of designs did really well with more than 800 T-shirts sold. “We only cover costs and the rest goes to the trusts – it’s about 50 percent of every sale.”

The 39-year-old, who started his label 21 years ago, has been involved with similar campaigns and most recently with Free Teina Pora, a man convicted  murdering Susan Burdett when he was  17.

Illicit made T-shirts and helped with a hip-hop video by New Zealand musicians, to raise awareness of Pora’s conviction.

“I saw that 3rd Degree show and Paula Penfold (Pora’s lawyer) got me involved. He (Pora) was blown away with the support,”  Illicit said

Pre-orders for the new Gruntlife T-shirts, hoods and crew neck sweatshirts can be made online at and will be dispatched on May 31.