Lemons, caterpillars and scare tactics

Wacky Youtube videos and a caterpillar suit is the way to grab voters’ attention, according to Ross Macleod.

Macleod’s second time at running for the Hamilton City Council has “a lot of buzz” online.

Macleod said his series of Youtube videos have created online buzz, with videos about lemon metaphors and politicians using scare tactics.

CREATIVE CATERPILLAR: Ross Macleod showed Farmer's Market attendees who he is. PHOTO:Supplied by Ross Macleod
CREATIVE CATERPILLAR: Ross Macleod showed Farmers’ Market his green side. PHOTO:Supplied

“People like them, laugh at them and share them,” Macleod said.

His motto ‘Silly campaign. Serious candidate’ shows in his wacky youtube video campaign as an alternative and cost-effective way.

The videos have found their way to twitter as people have tweeted them.

Josh Drummond’s account said, “I’d prefer for all election campaigns everywhere to be like this, to be honest”

The twitter account of Larnz said “Only in Hamilton……….?”

Macleod also turned up to the Farmer’s Market in a caterpillar suit as a way of getting his name out there.

He said his theatre hobby gave him the creative idea as he already had the suit.

He ran for council in 2010 and had the most votes as a ratio to money spent ($60).

Although he  hopes to get in this time, he is optimistic people have paid attention to his policies.

“Even if I don’t get in, people will be thinking about these issues,” he said.

As well as a Facebook page and Youtube account, Macleod has his own website to explain what he is all about, as well as  flyers.

Macleod’s blog on the website includes issues such as recycling and refuse, traffic, and council bullying.