The GC tipped for bumper audience

After the “plain idiotic” reality show The GC aired on TV3 last week, tonight’s episode is set to draw a bumper audience.

The GC claims to “follow the lives of a group of talented and attractive young Maori as they work hard and play even harder” on Australia’s Gold Coast, but has drawn flak from viewers.

Drama teacher Mandz Johansson, 24, from Forest View High School, said she couldn’t handle watching more than 10 minutes of the show.

ALL SMILES: It may have been panned, but The GC is attracting viewers.
ALL SMILES: It may have been panned, but The GC is attracting viewers. Photo: supplied

“My class of year elevens who have never taken drama before are better actors than those on the GC,” she said.

The GC was TV3’s most popular show last Wednesday with 370,660 viewers, and may have even more tonight because of the buzz the first episode created.

New Zealander Shaymis Helms, 23, who lives on the Gold Coast, said he hadn’t even heard of the show until his New Zealand friends started posting about it.
“It isn’t a real depiction of Maori people who live on the Gold Coast. Its plain idiotic.”

NZ On Air has spent around $420,000 of taxpayer money on the programme, which took many blows on social media sites. It topped the twitter “trending” statistics, meaning it was one of the most tweeted topics.

The Cancel The GC TV Show facebook page has 2000 more “likes” than the official GC facebook page.

The programme screens on TV3 at 8pm.